Vitovska is a typical vine variety of the Carso region. The Color is an intense straw-yellow.
At the Smell you can fina an unmistakable scent. Ample and harmonious bouquet recalling pollen, honey, with light aromatic herbs (thymus). At the taste this wine is elegant, mineral. Vitovska is an elegant and nice savory wine.

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The climatic influence of the nearby sea and the characteristics of the karst soils confer personal imprinting and superb structure to this wine. The maturation in the bottle tends to change the pale-yellow colour to gold. The particular bouquet is characterized by a faint aromatic note. The flavour is elegant, lively, and impishly agreeable. Excellent complement to first-course dishes with shellfish, in particular for grilled fish.

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This wine has an identifiable aroma with an unmistakable insinuation of the parent grapes. It has a straw yellow colour with a spicy, varied and suggestive bouquet. The favour is full and mature with great structure and a faint hint of noble rot. The decisive characteristics imbue this wine with a great personality and make it ideal for important entrées and grilled fish.

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Pinot Grigio

Delicate and ethereal, with the typical elegance of Pinot wines. The particular straw yellow shades are conferred by the parent grapes and the process of transformation. Full, fine taste, with a fruity note. Ideal as an aperitif with hors d’oeuvres and light entrées, suitable with a wide range of accompaniments.

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Traminer Aromatico

Very elegant wine with an unmistakable and personal aroma. The ample and harmonious bouquet is reminiscent of blossoms, roses, pollen and honey, and is enriched with a note of muscatel. The flavour is delicate, ample and velvety, with a mature aromatic note. It is ideal with delicate dishes like salmon, hors d’oeuvres, light and creamy soups, cheeses and first-course dishes with cream.

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